Our outgoing President Prof JD Gloeck

Professor Dieter Gloeck, after having served 15 years as Executive President of SAIGA, has decided it is time to step down and was therefore not available for nomination as President. For the last 15 years, Prof Gloeck has been the public face (and voice) of SAIGA , working tirelessly with Exco and Council to build SAIGA into a fully autonomous and highly respected professional institute today.

We, the members of SAIGA’s Council, thank you for your drive and focussed passion to professionalise the Institute, and for your part in creating solutions to problems that had previously proved to be so difficult to quantify. You are leaving a proudly South African Institute we are all justifiably proud of and a professional designation, RGA, that continues to grow in value to those who hold it, and to the organisations they serve.

We wish you and Margaret a long and fruitful “retirement”.

Our new President Meisie Nkau

Our New president from the 1 February 2015 is Meisie Nkau, Business Executive- National F, at the Auditor General SA (AGSA). As the Constitution of SAIGA was changed on 30 January 2015 the position as President is no longer an executive position.

We all wishes her well in this position and with her understanding of the public sector, the philosophy of the AGSA and the needs and responsibilities of the members, she is the ideal person to take the institute further.

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