The Accountant General – South Africa : Mr Jayce Nair
Keynote Speaker : Chief Executive Officer of SAICA: Dr Terrence Nombembe (past Auditor General South Africa )
Chairperson of SAIGA EXCO: Mr Lourens van Vuuren
Chief Executive Officer of SAQA: Mr J Samuels
Chief Executive Officer of SAIBA: Mr N van Wyk
Chief Executive Officer of SAIGA: Mr Manfred Moses
President of ABASA: Ms Gugu Ncube
Deputy Commissioner – CIPC: Mr Rory Voller
Chief People Officer – AGSA: Mr Mlungisi Mabaso
Board Member ACFE SA, Director: Public Sector Assurance – PWC: Mr Rajj Dhanlal
Chairperson of the SAIGA Examination Board: Prof DP Van der Nest
Chairperson of the SAIGA Education and Training Committee: Prof Ilse Lubbe
Council of SAIGA
Examination Board Members
Education and training committee members
GASP lecturers
SAIGA Trainees

And most importantly our Top Achievers

Ladies and Gentlemen

It is a privilege and pleasure welcoming you all to this SAIGAs top achievers recognition ceremony. This is a prestigious ceremony to SAIGA for it signifies the institute achievements and its reason for existence. I thank you all for your presence here this evening to recognize and honour our Trainees and Top Achievers on their achievements.

To the trainees and top achievers

Let me say to you: Your dedication and hard work made you our hope particularly in public sector. Many of you will become leaders in public sector administration – Other key industries and we are confident that all of you will make very worthwhile contributions to challenges confronting our country.

I take this opportunity to remind you that success is a journey, not a destination. Your achievements to date does not signal an end but rather the beginning of a long journey. It is what you do, and how you do it after this achievement that will determine your success in life.

I therefore challenge you to the following 4 things as you start your journey as professionals:

  • Continue to work hard, persevere and persist in all you do
  • learn to be grateful and celebrate your achievements
  • never stop learning and remember that knowledge is power only until you apply it in a relevant and wise way. Desire to outperform yourself in all you do
  • find ways to enjoy what you do. It brings passion which in turn will drive you to excellence.

Congratulations to you all, and we wish you the very best. The future is what you make of it and much is expected of you; make us proud by your contributions to this profession and the country.

Vote of special thanks

I would also like to capitalise on this opportunity to thank Mr Wally Van Heerden for dedicating his time in assisting with the operations of SAIGA until appointment of the CEO. Wally we are blessed to have you.

I thank the education and training committee, examination board, the presenters and the CEO of SAIGA for their hard work in making sure that the GASP program and Qualifying Exam was of a high standard, and ran professionally and smoothly.

Mr Lourense Van Vuuren – I also thank you for steering EXCO and for your effective continuous support to the CEO of SAIGA.

Once again – I thank you all for blessing this evening with your presence. Enjoy.

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